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Host a Conversation

Would you like to advance the conversation on healthcare in your community? We’d love to bring our team of facilitators to lead the conversation in your area.

About the Conversations


Key Topic Areas:

• Current state of hospital/health delivery system at local level

• Future projections on the state of healthcare

• Discuss essential services for rural Kansas

• Review potential options for healthcare delivery



Kick-Off Meeting with Community Organizers:

• 8-15 participants from a variety of sectors: Health care providers, local government, EMS, business leaders, etc.

• Meeting approximately 2 hours in length



Community Meeting:

• Local organizer will coordinate a location that can accommodate an event open to the public

• The event will last approximately 2 hours

• Local organizer is responsible for creating an invitation list, assisting with the distribution of the meeting invites, and distributing a summary after the meeting

• Local organizer is responsible for coordinating staff and board participation in the kick-off meeting

• The Community Conversations Team will provide all materials and provide facilitation


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